A team of leading experts has been assembled to design, implement and evaluate an innovative program for kindergarten through 2nd grade, the core of which is a newly developed interactive, self-paced software system.

The software will be accessed in existing school computer labs, with a MIDI keyboard and headset connected to each child’s computer, and take the role of one-on-one instructor. The scope of computer activity required with the Keys To Achievement program is well within the capacities of young children.

Children receive two 30-minute computer sessions per week, moving through progressive lessons, as built-in evaluation mechanisms provide immediate feedback for students and progress tracking ability for both students and teachers.

The curriculum content of the fun and absorbing KTA software is based on a proven early-years pedagogy, which nurtures creative expression and discovery as keyboard and musical skills are acquired.

In addition, where schools have the capability, the software sessions are enhanced by weekly 30 minute, music instructor-led class sessions, providing an important human dimension to the training.

A key aspect of the KTA program is the ease with which it can be replicated. KTA has an exceptionally low cost structure – the per-student cost for a fully implemented program is only about $4/year, including keyboard purchases. Existing school computer facilities are used and there is no demand increase or special training burden for music teachers, who are able to use their allocated instruction time for more focused and in-depth activities. And the modular nature of the KTA program allows for quick and easy implementation.

Pilot programs are currently underway at two elementary schools in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. The efficacy of the KTA program to improve students’ musical and academic achievement is to be rigorously evaluated by Dr. James Catterall, professor of education at UCLA and one of the world’s preeminent arts education researchers.

For detailed information, please contact the Keys To Achievement Foundation.

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